We spent more than what we wanted on twin size air mattress

My husband’s friend is arriving at our place, and will stay for at least a month because there is some training. His office pays him hotel charges, but he is willing to pay half of that to us. Obviously, we are not complaining. The truth is, he has some personal needs for which he is not comfortable using hotels such as he needs some beverage late in night, sometimes even as late as 2 am.

Having decided the budget, we started going through twin size air mattress reviews. I must say I was impressed. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t understand what air coils mean or how they can increase support or durability inside the mattress, but the specifications mention it like that. What I liked about this air mattress that we eventually bought is, it is easy to deflate and inflate. I can easily lift it, and fold it. I do not have to bother with finding a pump. The volume is impressive. Previous air mattresses that we have used so far look cheap in comparison.


But we were in a dilemma. Our children have taken away most of the furniture to their new homes, and the only air mattresses we were left with was not good enough for this gentleman. Therefore, we searched the net for some best twin airbed because he works late in the night and would be keeping his laptop on his bed.

We did go to the showroom to confirm whether the claims made online are indeed true. I realized at the time what that “sure grip” was. It does have that gripping mechanism at the bottom, because of which it will not move easily from its place. Having said that, I am not really sure that will last for long. But my husband, who is better judge of things says it will be good enough. Best part of this product of course is its top surface. It feels like a velvet. I have a bed cover that fits perfect on it. That is another reason I preferred this twin size air mattress over other air mattresses. The bed cover does not move throughout the night. I tried it.

The claims in the product description and reviews are tall such as the material is durable. I hope so. We bought it recently, so I can’t say much on that. But it does look as if it won’t tear easily. The description mentioned dual chamber, and searched the reviews but could not find any explanation on that. Even the salesperson was not able to explain what is meant by that. Externally, you can see four different layers, if you include the top layer as well.

We are still happy with the purchase, because it costs us much less than what we are going to get.

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