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Best Places to Visit in Paris

Traveling would be the enthusiasm of numerous men and women even though many young people need to visit vigorously. You will discover a variety of travel locations today and you will choose virtually any that for just about any perfect vacation by yourself with the family or good friends. Have you ever been to Paris??

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The Louvre


Eiffel Tower

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Notre Dame Cathedral


Arc de Triomphe and The Champs-Elysees


The Benefits of The Virtual Office

If you work from home, it’s advisable to get a virtual office. I have a friend who operates a home based business that has started to pick up more and more clients over the past couple of months. Initially, she stressed over having to rent office space and all the extra costs that come with that, including screening and hiring an assistant and secretary. While she thought her business could benefit from a spatial expansion, she wasn’t sure if she was ready for all that stress and if she could raise the extra capital needed for a physical office and monthly upkeep. Then along came the virtual office.


Virtual office is basically a technological fix for businesses that do not necessarily, absolutely need a physical building but require the amenities of the traditional office features to provide a professional set-up. As with my friend, the continual growth of her business required an address, a receptionist, an assistant, a phone system and a call center.

You can actually set up your virtual office in under an hour through either one service provider that does it all for you, or entirely by yourself under different service providers that offer different bits and pieces you may need. You can find virtual office addresses anywhere in the world if you search in If you don’t have a mailing address or simply don’t want your mail to be sent to your home, the virtual office address lets you own a mailing address just for the purpose of giving your business a professional feel. You never have to show up to this mailing address to pick up the mail as these services usually offer various ways of getting the mail to you.

Another great, money saving feature is the virtual meeting space. These services basically let you rent a space for a hour, a day, or weeks depending on your needs. This service virtually eliminates any need for a permanent office forever as you can rent the space only when you absolutely need to. Additionally, you can hire assistants and receptionists that understand the local language and have a background on your business for long or short term periods and for less than real assistants.

There’s also plenty of services that can set up a super professional phone system that compartmentalizes different departments with their own extensions and provide automated answering services. With the phone service, you will find that most customers have no idea that you are operating your entire business from home with calls getting automatically re-routed to virtual assistants, receptionists, and anyone else that might be working for you from anywhere in the world.

Overall, my friend is extremely excited about this alternative to a physical office and she has saved tons of money and time, as well as the headache of office politics.

Gifted to sew


I was born to sew. Over the years of my childhood I always had the urge of taking pieces of fabric and stick them together with a thread and needle so I would make up something I thought looked different and stylish to wear. To me, no cloth ever made looked complete without the addition of my special touch’. That placed me on never ending arguments with mom because every cloth I laid my hands on would be cut by scissors and sewed a bit differently. When she had tried everything to make me stop but failed, she saw the gift in me and decided to encourage my art by buying me material to work on. I have sewed and sewed probably more than I have ever done anything in life from hence. I only slept better after learning a new stitching method and applying it on my samples. I would suggest you to check out Crafty Girl’s Workshop if you wish to get your own sewing machine.

It was all scissors, threads and pieces of clothes till when she got me a sewing machine for my sixteenth birthday. What would I have ever have done without the advantage of industrial revolution years ago that gifted the world with sewing machines? I spent sleepless night bending on that magnificent creation, tutoring myself to master its art. My manual work had been greatly reduced. That’s the main advantage of sewing machines; you get to do what you do best but with more ease.

I said earlier that I was born to sew, but I know now it wasn’t all just about sewing but about designing. I was born to design. The sewing machines on the current market plenty and come with different specifications that aid me on my sewing path. Singer, Brother and Kenmore are the established and well-known brands of sewing machines. Sewing machines should be chosen based on one’s skill level and budget.

To buy one, you need to ensure that you have done your research. It isn’t always about the cheapness of the machine but about the services that can come after the purchase like warranty, repair services and tutorials. Sewing machines are here to aid our creative minds and sewing gift .If you have it in you on whatever level of skill, get yourself a sewing machine and join the community. We all have to start from somewhere.

We spent more than what we wanted on twin size air mattress

My husband’s friend is arriving at our place, and will stay for at least a month because there is some training. His office pays him hotel charges, but he is willing to pay half of that to us. Obviously, we are not complaining. The truth is, he has some personal needs for which he is not comfortable using hotels such as he needs some beverage late in night, sometimes even as late as 2 am.

Having decided the budget, we started going through twin size air mattress reviews. I must say I was impressed. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t understand what air coils mean or how they can increase support or durability inside the mattress, but the specifications mention it like that. What I liked about this air mattress that we eventually bought is, it is easy to deflate and inflate. I can easily lift it, and fold it. I do not have to bother with finding a pump. The volume is impressive. Previous air mattresses that we have used so far look cheap in comparison.


But we were in a dilemma. Our children have taken away most of the furniture to their new homes, and the only air mattresses we were left with was not good enough for this gentleman. Therefore, we searched the net for some best twin airbed because he works late in the night and would be keeping his laptop on his bed.

We did go to the showroom to confirm whether the claims made online are indeed true. I realized at the time what that “sure grip” was. It does have that gripping mechanism at the bottom, because of which it will not move easily from its place. Having said that, I am not really sure that will last for long. But my husband, who is better judge of things says it will be good enough. Best part of this product of course is its top surface. It feels like a velvet. I have a bed cover that fits perfect on it. That is another reason I preferred this twin size air mattress over other air mattresses. The bed cover does not move throughout the night. I tried it.

The claims in the product description and reviews are tall such as the material is durable. I hope so. We bought it recently, so I can’t say much on that. But it does look as if it won’t tear easily. The description mentioned dual chamber, and searched the reviews but could not find any explanation on that. Even the salesperson was not able to explain what is meant by that. Externally, you can see four different layers, if you include the top layer as well.

We are still happy with the purchase, because it costs us much less than what we are going to get.

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Achieve My Fitness Goals At Home With An Elliptical

I have always been fascinated with the idea of having perfect health and body fitness. For many years I have been following diet prescriptions and other health treatments that I see on TV and health books. However I recently started looking for other effective alternative ways to improve my body’s health. I found fitness workouts to be great, so I started taking exercise lessons. Since I don’t have time to enroll to a gym class and attend the exercise sessions, I signed up for online classes on a site that offers training sessions. These lessons are great because I am able to follow them at anytime at the comfort of my own home.

There are many training equipment available that are specifically meant to help one achieve perfect fitness. Some of the machines I have seen on the internet are great for workouts, but one that really caught my attention is the elliptical trainers. When I first saw this trainer, I liked it because it looked very easy to use. While searching for which is the best rated elliptical for home use I found many great brands that offer good and easy workout. I bought an elliptical trainer and found it to be a really great fitness trainer since it simulates walking, running and stair climbing.

I have been slowly adding new workout machines to my home gym, such as treadmills, weight benches and exercise bikes. Having this exercise equipment at home is helping me achieve and maintaining my fitness. I now have well planned routine that I following, that I learnt from my online exercise lessons. This routine requires me to have a 40 minutes workout session everyday in the morning, while following the instructions of my online exercise instructor. I am making notable progress with exercises and since I started I have eliminated unnecessary muscle pains and sickness.

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Top Malaysian Car

Perodua is the second largest automobile manufacturer in Malaysia. Perodua cars are quite pocket-friendly; they are mainly mini and supermini cars with amazing interior design. Perodua cars have safety features like dual airbags and seatbelts which are currently installed in all their models.


perodua kancil

Perodua Kancil first manufactured in 1994 features Daihatsu 659 cc engine or an 847cc engine. It is known for fuel efficiency, it is easy to park and it carries up to five people. There are three variants under this model, two of manual transmission and one of automatic transmission. The Kancil is a reliable car; it was an instant success upon its production.

The Perodua Rusa is a comfortable vehicle, ideal for use as a family van. It is a car with great interior and exterior design and it was adopted by the Malaysian police. It is available in three variants, a two, five and seven seater which utilize 1.3, 1.3 and 1.6 liter engines respectively.

Perodua Kembara is a mini SUV it is a car with a beautiful design and great power, it has earned the most popular spot among perodua cars. The car is available in manual and automatic transmission. 4 wheel drives utilize a 1.3 litre engine while the 2 wheel drives utilize 660cc engines.

perodua kenari

Perodua Kenari was a four seater model with a 989cc engine whose sale was discontinued in 2009.

The first Perodua Kelisa was an improved Kancil; it uses a three cylinder 989cc petrol engine. It has inbuilt Bluetooth technology with a beautiful design.

perodua myvi

The Perodua Myvi is a supermini car that utilizes two water-cooled four strokes engines, it has five variants, two automatic and three manual. It features a 1.3 litre engine with four inline cylinders; this model brings style and space to life its audio systems are capable of utilizing USB and Bluetooth, the seats are height adjustable and it has a UV protection glass.

perodua viva

The Perodua Viva has three different Engine choices; 660cc, 850cc and 1000cc. It has a good design, it either utilizes manual or automatic transmission and it can fit up to five people.

Perodua Nautica is a short wheel based 2nd generation Kembara version its sale was discontinued in 2009.

perodua alza

The Perodua Alza is the latest model that utilizes an engine capacity of 42 litres; this model has a 7-seating capacity and it provides the comfort of the Myvi.